2018 : Evolution of You


A few days into this new year and we are beginning to get our footing. It's tough to not only come back to yourself after the holidays, but also after that tumultuous year called 2017. Wow! What a doozie. If we learned anything from the social, political, and emotional firestorms, it's that we have to do more to take care of SELF. We can't keep putting SHE on the back burner. 

Part of putting ourselves first means getting over the debilitating belief that self care is selfish. Repeat after us, SELF LOVE AND SELF CARE ARE NOT SELFISH. This may go beyond what you've been taught previously, but it is very true. As women we often put others before ourselves, yet we cannot take care of others if we first do not take care of self. This is why self care for black women is so revolutionary. This is why self care is also such a challenge. We aren't used to being the focus of our own love. 

I know you've felt a shift in energy. We've all felt the need to come into our own and flex our power. That's what our film Dear Black Girl: You Are A Force of Nature was about: tapping into our shared mystical female energy. We were prepping you then for what we are striving for now and that's...


This is our mission for 2018. We want to help you step into who truly are. All that shoulda, coulda, woulda... leave it behind. The woman you want to be is ready to be you too. We often talk about what we want to do and who we aspire to be, so why not just be that person? We are holding ourselves back from our own greatness. Allow Black Girl Beautiful to be your spirit guide along this journey of self discovery. 

Evolution of You is comprised of four stages or seasons intended to maximize love and belief in self.  unlike New Year's resolutions that fizzle in a matter of weeks, these different stages allow us the space and room to grow and discover ourselves without pressure. 

Season 1: Setting your Intention

Season 2: Saying your Affirmation

Season 3: Embracing Who You Are

Season 4: Living in Your Purpose


Evolving is tough. We know there will be growing pains. Parts of this journey will be bumpy, but BGB will be along for the ride with you every step of the way. We are planning to dig in with editorial topics, personal narratives, intimate gatherings, in-depth conversations online and in real life to propel each other to where we know we can be. We're in this together.

The first step in our evolution is: identifying and fighting our fears. What's holding us back from what we want?  

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