Fighting Fear: Achieving Success + Staying There


It's the thing that stops you from doing what you want to do. That thing that keeps you from opening up, exploring, and getting to know your true self. It locks you in a suspended state of discomfort that you consider to be “just life”. Well, life doesn’t have to be this way. It wasn't designed to be hell on earth.

We continue with the status quo because we assume that life is supposed to be a struggle. We've been told by loved ones or elders that if it comes easily, then it's not worth it. We have believed that if we have to fight tooth and nail for something that it makes achieving that goal so much better. It's why we stick it out in occupations that aren't fulfilling. I'm here to tell you that you don’t have to continue working the job you don’t like. You can, in fact, get out! That thing that keeps you trapped from being yourself and living out your dreams is fear.

I’ve had to come to grips with fear for the better. All of these dreams inside of me were being constantly deferred because of my fears. But what was I actually afraid of? Success? Heck no. I want to be on top, ride high, and be the queen of my castle... or so I’d say. I know I’m more than capable of handling that. I’m smart, talented, driven, a motivator. I can practically write the book on all this accomplishment stuff.

A big part of my fear wasn’t "ok, how do I get there?" I’ve been this goal-getter my entire life. I enjoy the building, the process, and the obstacles...


Nikia Phoenix