When The World Gets Too Noisy

The first thing many of us hear is the sound of our alarm going off in the morning. We reach over with sleep still in our eyes to turn it off. It’s rarely ever a pleasant alarm that lets you ease into your day… more like a blaring horn screaming at you to WAKE UP! From that moment on every alert possible pops up on your phone. Email from your boss. Meeting at 2 pm. The text from your best friend telling you about the amazing night she had with her new guy. The alarm you set so that you know when to leave the house to beat traffic. In this day of always being so connected, have we forgotten what quiet sounds like? Have we forgotten what our world is like without the noise?


Tuning out the loudness of your environment is hard as hell. We have gotten used to the noise. Think about it: do you turn on the tv just to have something on in the background? What about making small talk with your coworker while you’re both getting coffee so that there’s no awkward silence? Even now I’ve got all of my notifications turned on for my computer as I write this article as if I really need that Twitter alert to interrupt my train of thought. And yes, the alert annoys me and the continuous alerts stress me out, but I feel like I need them or else I’m out of sync with what’s going on. Being so in tune with the world is quite possibly driving us insane.

If you’re like me, then you’re suffering from a post election depression. You want to block out the negativity, but you find yourself listening to interviews that make your blood boil, reading news stories that infuriate you, and engaging in conversations that only lead to more stress. Your entire body is tense but you’ve convinced yourself that this tension is your new normal and that you are preparing yourself for the next 4 years of hell. This amount of noise and stress in your life is not healthy. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. The only sound you may need to hear is the sound of your own breathing.

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Nikia Phoenix