SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Butter


Nobody wants to be ashy. Are we right? It's the worst when you're out to dinner in a sexy little black dress and a cute pair of sparkly, strappy shoes and look down only to see the dry skin on the back of your heel. Oh heck no! 

You can say goodbye to ashy skin with SheaMoisture's Olive & Green Tea Body Butter with Avocado. We've out this stuff through the test for months and it is the truth. First off, not only is this body butter moisturizing but it works for anti-aging too. Ahem, can we say black don't crack?! The second ingredient in this moisturizer is shea butter, so you already know it's packing in the power. The olive oil is full of Vitamin E and fatty acids which we already know keep your skin hydrated and repair skin cells. Green Tea is a great antioxidant and protects skin from harsh elements. And the avocado, is packing a triple whammy of Vitamins A, D, and E not to mention potassium, and lecithin. This all together creates a deep conditioner for your skin. 

This Olive & Green Tea Body Butter is best used after a shower or a bath when your skin is still damp. Smooth it on and don't miss those elbows, knees, or feet. It won't leave your a shine on your skin without feeling greasy. After a few months of using, you will notice a difference in the look and feel of your body. Yes, girls. Definitely BGB approved.