" A New Day is On the Horizon": Oprah and The Power of Speaking Your Truth

Last night history was made as Oprah Winfrey, AKA my pretend Godmother, accepted the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This is a huge moment for us. Oprah is the first black woman to receive the honor and only the second African American to get the award. In her speech, she paid homage to her predecessor Sidney Poitier and the moment as a child when she watched him accept the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1962, the first for an African American.  We love to see Black Excellence getting their due. We love to see women win. 

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2018 : Evolution of You

A few days into this new year and we are beginning to get our footing. It's tough to not only come back to yourself after the holidays, but also after that tumultuous year called 2017. Wow! What a doozie. If we learned anything from the social, political, and cultural firestorms it's that we have to do more to take care of SELF. We can't keep putting SHE on the back burner. 

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We Beat Breast Cancer: A Story of Family, Faith, Survival

When we inevitably face trials in our lives it helps to have a strong and sturdy support system close at hand. This is true when it comes to dealing with everyday life pressures or even the scariest health crisis. Most of us have known the strength and courage of our mothers. What if your mother is one that needs you? What if years later, you need your mother to uplift and encourage you … in very similar fights? Tosha and Janie know exactly what that feels and looks like.

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Jatika Patterson
A Letter from Nikia

Almost a year ago today a group of dynamic individuals came together for our very first flagship Black Girl Beautiful event. When I look back through the images from that day, I am reminded of all the open hearts and brilliant minds that combined to make that event such a success. It truly touches my soul.


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Nikia Phoenix